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The E2M model of community capitalism and community conscious capitalism was first described on January 1, 2000 by Michael Garjian in a document titled E2M: An Economic Model for Millennium 2000. It was documented in the following:

1. A letter to Garjian from the Department of Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst on August 16, 2000

2. A letter from Massachusetts Congressman John W. Olver to the Ford Foundation on March 1, 2001

3. A letter to Garjian from the Ford Foundation on April 3, 2001

4. A letter to Garjian from Hampshire College President Greg Prince on August 20, 2001

The E2M model of community capitalism was further described in detail at the Western Massachusetts Venture Forum at American International College on March 27, 2001 where E2M was discussed privately to a selected group.

A second private forum was held at the home of Hampshire College President Greg Prince on December 11, 2001 for selected community leaders including representatives from the Social Venture Network, Businesses for Social Responsibility, Mass Ventures, local entrepreneurs, government leaders, investment advisors, and citizens. A number of additional forums discussing E2M community capitalism were held at Hampshire College, March 26, 2002, the University of Massachusetts in 2003, the Boston Social Forum on July 24, 2004, and in private meetings over several years.

Newspaper articles documenting, but not detailing, E2M Community Capitalism are listed below under 'Further reading'

A provisional patent application for the E2M model of community capitalism was first filed with the US Patent Office on February 6, 2001 with subsequent full applications filed on November 21, 2003.

Further reading

Newspaper articles describing E2M Community Capitalism:

  • Daily Hampshire Gazette, June 13, 2001 Page D5

  • Daily Hampshire Gazette, December 12, 2001 Page C1

  • The Journal Magazine, February 21, 2002, V27 #17, Page 13

  • The Daily Collegian, December 11, 2002, V109 #67, P4

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  • Springfield Republican, December 6, 2004, Campus Notes

  • Springfield Sunday Republican, April 17, 2005

  • BusinessWest Magazine, April 30, 2007, P 34-35

    Books and Journals describing E2M Community Capitalism include:

  • Gibson-Graham, J.K. (2006). A Postcapitalist Politics. University of Minnesota Press. pp. xx. ISBN 0-8166-4804-2.

  • Krause, Elizabeth L (February 2005). Michelle Bigenho and Daniel Goldenstein. ed. "In Search of Community Conscious Capitalism". Association for Political and Legal Anthropology.

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